Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack appeared at The Washington Auto Show on Friday, January 24 from 6:30-8:30 pm.

FeatKevinKevin Mack, from “Counting Cars”. Kevin gets to Count’s Kustoms early in the morning and he gets with Scott who is the project manager on all the vehicles in theshop. When Danny gets there Kevin reports to him what they have been doing so far and keeps him updated on any new developments.Then they head off and look for cars to pick and either do a restoration or modification. Kevin is usually riding shotgun. Kevin helps search for vehicles and always watches Danny’s back when he’s snooping around. Danny loves using Kevin as collateral when he takes a stranger’s car for a test drive.

They always go by Danny’s vision and his way and then try to make some money on them. His history with Danny goes back to the early 90′s. Danny opened the shop 12 years ago and Kevin helped paint the building. In the last couple of years the business has grown 300%. He loves his job because he gets to hang with his buddy. He is a workaholic so he works on weekends and is at the stop from sun up to sun down. Every day is different and the ever changing environment is what he loves.