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The MobilityTalks International® conference gathers government policy makers from around the world to exchange ideas on best practices related to the development and regulation of connected and autonomous vehicles. The fifth annual conference, organized and sponsored by The Washington Auto Show, will take place January 22 and 23, 2020. Stay tuned for more information!

To see a list of last year’s programming, click here to view the 2019 MobilityTalks Program Guide.


Gretchen Effgen
VP of Global Partnerships, Aptiv

Clean and Safe Transportation for All?: A Panel from Consumer Reports

William Peduto
Mayor of Pittsburgh 

Michelle Krebs
Executive Analyst, AutoTrader

Carla Bailo
President and CEO, Center for Automotive Research

Craig Allen
President, U.S. China Business Council

Bill Cariss
Vice President, Holman Automotive

Pin Ni
President, Wanxiang America

Chad Bown
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

John Xin
Co-Founder and CEO, Lunewave

Alex Thibault
Vice President and General Manager, Vulog

Dan Sahar
Dan Sahar, Vice President of Product, Upstream

Joe White
Global Auto Editor, Thomson Reuters

Leslie J. Allen
Managing Editor and Exec. Producer, AutomotiveNews TV

Jordan Davis
Director, SmartCities Columbus Partnership

Click here to register for the conference and housing

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