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Hyundai ‘Hands-On’ Contest

Hands-On Winner Announced! Hands Over Keys to His Mother!

The only thing more stunning than the moment that William Holmes picked the lucky key that switched on the ignition of his brand new Hyundai Tucson was what happened moments later. After six days and five nights of nearly continuous contact with the prize vehicle in The Washington Auto Show’s Hyundai Hands-On Contest, Holmes of Mitchellville, Md. held the key to the brand-new Hyundai Tucson high above his head – and handed it over to his mother, Margaret Holmes. “I couldn’t think of a greater gift to give my personal hero than a stylish new means of transportation to aid her in assisting others within her community,” Holmes wrote in his contest application essay, distinguishing him as one of nine finalists from more than 500 applicants to the beloved annual contest.

One of five finalists to last until the contest ended at noon on Sunday, Holmes was the third contestant to select a key that would unlock his dream for his mother. And when it did, the crowd, which included about a dozen of Holmes’ relatives, went wild, the shock of jubilation leaving several witnesses in tears.

Hyundai-Tucson-SEYou just won a brand new Hyundai!” announced Kevin Reilly, president of Alexandria Hyundai and past show chairman on behalf of the Washington Area Hyundai Dealers, which sponsored the contest.

Holmes noted in his application that his mother had purchased a used 15-passenger bus to help in her community outreach, which has included a host of activities and fund-raising activities for children and her church members such as fishing trips, sporting events and ladies tea parties.

“The Hands-On Contest always delivers heartfelt stories, and this one was an especially touching example of the love of family and community,” said John O’Donnell, president of the Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association, which produces The Washington Auto Show.


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Jason Long – FINALIST

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Christopher Leaird – ELIMINATED

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Alexx Cozzetti – ELIMINATED

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Mary Harrod – FINALIST

Mary Harrod, 39, of Montgomery Village, Md., says her current car needs a lot of repair and isn’t suitable for transporting her 15-month-old son,...

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Melinda Kinslow – FINALIST

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Stan Benton – FINALIST

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Justin Savage – ELIMINATED

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