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Dodge Grand Caravan
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Overall: After all the talk of cancellation, who expected that the Grand Caravan to still be around in its current form? As is the norm, Dodge is playing the value card again this year.

Drivetrain: Solid 3.6-liter V6 with six-speed automatic transmission posts respectable city and highway mpg numbers.

Chrysler’s celebrated “Magic Wagons” have garnered plenty of praise from buyers, although the timing of their next-generation replacements remains a mystery. Until that decision is made, if you’re looking for the Grand Caravan’s combination of a great starting price with plenty of space and decent performance, you had best act quickly. Since its 2011-model-year updating, the GC drives more securely and frugally with a revised suspension topped with low-rolling-resistance tires to help prop up fuel economy. At the same time, the interior was upgraded with new gauges and soft-touch dashboard and door-panel surfaces replacing hard plastic. The 3.6-liter “Pentastar” V6 that was introduced at the same time produces 283 horsepower and, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, easily runs with the minivan herd for fuel economy. You’ll find the usual dozen or so cupholders plus a variety of small-item bins and pockets (including dual glove boxes) that showcase the vehicle’s utility. The standard third-row split-folding bench seat can be power folded (as an option) to create a flat load floor. The Stow ‘n’ Go feature comes with a one-touch-down function and provides out-of-sight storage bins when the second-row seats are left in their upright positions. The price-leading American Value Package (AVP), heads the list of trim levels that also includes SE, SXT, Crew and the sporty R/T. The AVP rings in at $22,700 (2015 price) and includes most of the basic features and safety systems you would expect. At the top end, the R/T comes with a tighter suspension.