Honda Civic Coupe
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Following a significant 2013 model-year overhaul of the 2012 Civic, the sedan and coupe take a rest for 2014, at least for now; a natural-gas-powered Civic is one of the few such vehicles on the market.


Pick your powerplant, including a gas-electric Hybrid, a 140-horse four-cylinder and a 201-horsepower four-cylinder in the sporty Si.

Honda surprised the world when it gave its one-year-old ninth-generation Civic a structural and styling adjustment for 2013. That won’t happen for 2014, but Honda has shown that it isn’t afraid to make adjustments on the fly to any of its models. Although the lower-volume Civic coupe was left alone, the sedan’s alterations included completely new front and rear bodywork encompassing a more prominent grille, restyled hood and new fog lights, corner lights and taillights. Changes were also initiated to improve the Civic’s front-end crash protection, especially at each corner, allowing it to pass new partial front-end crash test standards with flying colors. Other adjustments were applied to the suspension and steering components as well as soundproofing materials to improve ride comfort, reduce cabin noise and create a sportier driving experience. Finally, sedans and coupes equipped with automatic transmissions were fitted with larger front brakes. The new dash has fewer creases and angles than before and most plastic surfaces have been replaced with soft-touch materials. Returning for 2014 is the standard 140-horsepower 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, with the optional 201-horsepower four-cylinder repeating in the performance-oriented Si. Similarly, the 110-horse 1.8 continues to power the natural-gas-fueled sedan, while the gas-electric Civic Hybrid’s powertrain producing 110 horsepower also carries over. The Hybrid now includes forward-collision alert and accidental-lane-departure warning systems (both are options in other Civics). The base powerplant mates to a five-speed manual transmission or optional five-speed automatic. A six-speed manual gearbox goes to the Si and a continuously variable unit is for the Hybrid.

Base price (incl. destination): $19,000 (sedan); $18,800 (coupe); $30,100 (Si); $25,200 (Hybrid)
Type: Two-door coupe, four-door sedan
Base engine (hp): 1.8-liter SOHC I4 (140)
Optional engines (hp): 2.4-liter DOHC (201); 1.5-liter SOHC I4 with 23-horsepower electric motor (110, combined)
Layout: Front-engine, front-wheel-drive
Transmissions: Five-speed manual; five-speed automatic (opt.); six-speed manual (Si); continuously variable (Hybrid)
MPG (city/hwy): 28/39 (1.8, AT)
Safety: Front airbags; side-impact airbags; side-curtain airbags; anti-lock brakes; traction control; stability control
Weight (lb): 2,740