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MINI Paceman
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Overview: The Paceman combines the utility of a hatchback wagon with available all-wheel-drive and the fun of winding through the gears in a lightweight, nimble sport coupe.

Drivetrain: Available 121- and 181-horsepower four-cylinder engines (207 horses for the John Cooper Works) remain, but will eventually be replaced by new turbo three- and four-cylinder engines now used by the two- and four-door Coopers.

While the two-door Paceman lacks some the practicality of the four-door Countryman upon which it’s based, its sportier looks promise a more playful nature. The Countryman and Paceman share the same basic dimensions, but the latter’s distinctive teardrop-shaped taillights and rear fenders bulge out slightly from the quarter panels. The interior includes four adjustable bucket seats that are also adapted from the Countryman. Under the hood the base model’s 1.6-liter four-cylinder makes 121 horsepower, while the optional turbocharged 1.6 in the Cooper S makes 181, or 207 in the JCW (John Cooper Works). All engines are available with six-speed manual transmissions or optional six-speed automatics with a manual-shift function. At some future date, the Paceman will receive the Mini Cooper’s new turbocharged powertrain duo consisting of a 134-horsepower three-cylinder engine and a 189-horsepower four-cylinder for the Paceman S. For the All4 all-wheel-drive option, the system’s center differential directs 100 percent of the power to the front wheels, but can send half of the torque to the rear when tire slip is detected. All4 is standard with JCW models and optional for the Paceman Cooper S. Note that Paceman engines require more expensive premium fuel that negates some of their perceived efficiency savings. All Pacemans (or is that Pacemen?) arrive with air conditioning and the usual power accessories plus a sport-tuned suspension. From that point you can select from up to four different option packages that include a panorama sunroof, various infotainment/navigation/communications systems, a variety of seat coverings and an array of wheel types and sizes. The full-load JCW comes decked out with dual exhaust and distinctive interior/exterior color, body and trim treatments.