Hyundai Hands on Hope

The Washington Area Hyundai Dealers, Children’s National, Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, and The Washington Auto Show are teaming up to help fight pediatric cancer again in 2023. 

In 2019, the longstanding “Hands On” contest at The Washington, D.C. Auto Show took a turn by not only awarding a winner a brand new Hyundai, but more importantly, as part of the contest, The Washington Area Hyundai Dealers provided pediatric cancer research grants to Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and Children’s National Hospital.  Drawing inspiration from Hyundai Hope on Wheels, the new contest was named “Hands On Hope.”

To ensure the safety of contestants, and keep the much needed hospital personnel available to fight the pandemic, the vehicle challenge portion of the contest for 2022 did not occur. However, The Washington Area Hyundai Dealers recognized the financial strain the pandemic put on hospitals, and instead of canceling the contest entirely, they continued the $100,000 in financial support to Georgetown Lombardi and Children’s National.

On Saturday, January 22 in the Hyundai display at The Washington, D.C. Auto Show (Lower Level, Hall A), The Washington Area Hyundai Dealers presented each hospital with a $50,000 check to support their most critical needs during the pandemic. We thank everyone for their support. Stay tuned for what our 2023 plans will be to help fight pediatric cancer.

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