Nissan Murano
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The Nissan Murano is a car that appeals primarily to buyer’s hearts and not their heads. The crisply creased sheetmetal that extends along the door panels is interrupted by a fin-like hitch that seemingly rises into the rear-most side glass. The cabin is equally impressive, with a low-level instrument panel and enlarged the windshield that enhances the forward view. The Murano’s sole powerplant is a V-6 with 260 horsepower.. That output level is modest in this age of advanced direct-injection and turbocharged engines found in competing brands, but it’s adequate in a wagon that weighs less only about 4,000 pounds. Power is delivered to the front and/or rear wheels via a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with built-in “steps” that sort of mimic an actual multi-gear automatic transmission. There are no steering-column-mounted paddle shifters, but the floor shifter can be used to manually control the faux ratios.

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