Toyota 86
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With Toyota wasting no time in pulling the plug on the Scion brand, the best of the defunct division’s models are now sporting new logos. In the case of the FR-S sport coupe, it means a name change to the 86. Other changes include a five horsepower bump in engine output (to 205), revised suspension settings and a stiffened body (added bracing) on six-speed manual-transmission models (a six-speed automatic is optional). This is a real driving machine, so shift-indicator lights on the tach can be set at 100-rpm increments starting from 2,000 rpm up to the engine’s 7,400-rpm redline. The driver can also engage a warning chime that goes off when the engine’s max rev limit is about to be reached. The powertrain sits well back of the front wheels to optimize distribution of the car’s svelte 2,760-pound front:rear heft at 53:47. Dealer-installed add-ons include a premium audio package, fog lights, rear spoiler, sport exhaust system, 18-inch wheels, performance brake pads and a cold air intake for a richer air/fuel mixture and a bit more power and sound.

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