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Show Sponsorship’s & Promotional OpportunitiesAll media will be required to produce a photo ID, and all bags and equipment will be subjected to inspection.

For more information, contact:
Barbara PomerancePublic Relations & Promotions Director
404-262-7811 or 404-557-7200

Bonnie Moret, Director of Programs

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WAS Unveils 2016 Dates, Theme
Housing Registration Now Open, Special Rates Offered

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The public policy show on the auto show circuit returns to Washington in January with the theme: “The Power of Mobility.”...

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Notice: Attendees are encouraged to arrive early as Washington Auto Show has instituted a standard security policy for all show days at the center. Patrons will be subject to search and possible hand held metal detectors. All bags, briefcases, book bags or items similar in nature will be searched as patrons enter the arena.